Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Godzilla's Balls

This is a comic that I drew quite a while ago. At the time I had this idea that I would do a series of comics that I drew in my sketchbook while at work and then I'd post them online calling it Tales From The Milk Box. The problem was that every time I drew a comic at work I'd end up not liking the way it looked so I'd want to redraw it. This was the case with my comic Justice League Fan Fiction . Eventually I just scrapped the whole drawing comics in my sketchbook thing mostly because I never had enough time at work to do it anyway.

I still had a lot of random comic ideas floating around in my head, so I decided to draw them all at home like a normal person. But unfortunately none of this really ever panned out because I was always too busy working on bigger and better things. So, here I was stuck sitting on this great Godzilla comic. At one point I decided I should redraw it because I didn't like the artwork anymore and I drew it when I was still getting used to inking things with pen and paper. The problem is who the heck knows if I will ever get around to doing that. I can't just keep this locked away in the Morin vault any more. So here it is world, a comic about Godzilla's balls!

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