Friday, May 21, 2010

My Lost Prediction Came True

I drew this way back during the second or third season of Lost, I'm not sure which exactly. It was right around the time they revealed that the monster was a mass of floating smoke. It seems that I was able to predict that John Locke and the smoke monster would become one someday. Actually, my idea was a little different than the shows. I think Locke is supposed to be using the smoke like some kind of symbiotic suit. But still it's pretty damned impressive! It's like I have some kind of crazy show predicting powers.

Let's put these powers to the test! Here's my prediction for the Lost finale: Jack goes down into the tunnel of light and emerges as a white smoke monster. Then he fights with the black smoke monster and they get all tangled up together and form a giant Yin Yang. All the cast aways will look up at them and be all, "ooooh. Ones black and the others white. It's like good and evil. I get the metaphor now." The End. We'll see if my prediction will come true on Sunday!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What I've Been Up To: Sexy Ladies, Farts and More!

I've been busy working on lots of art projects lately and neglecting my presence here in the land of the internet. So I figured I better make an appearance and show all of my millions of fans what I've been up to. Here are some delightful samples:

This freaky looking hottie is the mascot for Frankenstein Studios. I've been working with some friends of mine on a recording project. I'll be doing some illustration and animated stuff for this project as well as vocal recordings. We named our studio Frankenstein Studios because of the trash that was dug up to put it together. Anyway, I came up with the idea of doing a sexy bride of Frankenstein to put on our Youtube page to grab the attention of sex perverts and trick them into watching our videos. Hopefully it works. Check it out. We put some silly videos on there to kick things off, including the Disappointmentville: Work is Hell Audio Comic For the Illiterate.

This month I've been doing shit tons of vector art for my istockphoto portfolio. I'm trying to make a good passive income from this so I can make an easy transition from sad supermarket clerk to slightly less sad freelance cartoonist. So far I've uploaded twelve new vectors to my portfolio. You can check them all out on in my istock portfolio.

These two sexy ladies are part of 1 of 4 promotional comic strips I did for
You can check out all of the strips I illustrated on the Win The Trophy about page.

Anyway, That's what I've been up to latley. Maybe I can try and do even more stuff and then never see the sun or other people again! Yeah!... :(