Friday, May 21, 2010

My Lost Prediction Came True

I drew this way back during the second or third season of Lost, I'm not sure which exactly. It was right around the time they revealed that the monster was a mass of floating smoke. It seems that I was able to predict that John Locke and the smoke monster would become one someday. Actually, my idea was a little different than the shows. I think Locke is supposed to be using the smoke like some kind of symbiotic suit. But still it's pretty damned impressive! It's like I have some kind of crazy show predicting powers.

Let's put these powers to the test! Here's my prediction for the Lost finale: Jack goes down into the tunnel of light and emerges as a white smoke monster. Then he fights with the black smoke monster and they get all tangled up together and form a giant Yin Yang. All the cast aways will look up at them and be all, "ooooh. Ones black and the others white. It's like good and evil. I get the metaphor now." The End. We'll see if my prediction will come true on Sunday!

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