Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Caricature Gift

My Girlfriend wanted to do something special for a friend's birthday, so she decided to get an authentic Jeff Morin caricature done of her friend and family.

The illustration was done on an 11 x 17 inch vellum bristol board.  A Pentel brush pen was used for all the line work. Then I used some Prismacolor markers for the base colors, except for the skin-tones. I used a few Copic sketch markers for those. Only because I don't have any skin-tone Prismacolors other than peach which is a horrible color for skin it's more of a glowing orange.

All the shading and highlights were done with some Prismacolor colored pencils, by coloring on top of the base marker color.

I hear the recipient was very pleased with her gift.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sketch Suggestions 5

Well, here we are, at the end.  These are the last of the sketches that were suggested by you guys, over on my Facebook page. It's been a heck of a lot of fun and it's given me some good practice too. We will definitely do this again!

Anyway, here's the last  of the sketches, all suggested by SirRichard Lee LionheartedGrahn (yes that's what he calls himself on Facebook.).

Mr. LionheartedGrahn writes, "DRAW near to God and He will DRAW near to you. DRAW a conclusion. DRAW water from a well. DRAW straws. DRAW bridge. . . . . ."

The result: I drew this picture of myself drawing near God.  If you look closely you'll see that I'm drawing a picture of some straws and a bridge. I suppose you could say that the water under the bridge was from a well and that God also counts as the conclusion.

After SirRichard's first suggestion, he was teased about not giving me more butt themed suggestions. So, he decided to join in and gave me some rather  odd ones.

He replied with, "Draw two butts walking down the street, one says to the other "hey, we look like a couple of peaches!"
In my illustration the speaking butt is saying his dialog in butt language.

The Lionhearted one followed up with, "Two butts stand on the street corner as they see another butt walk by wearing a leather jacket and a pair of devil horns. One butt says to the other "look, a bad ass!"

 I drew the "bad-ass" in the back of a speeding pickup to add to his badness.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sketch Suggestions 4

Well, here we are again, with more sketches suggested by the fine folks over on my Facebook page.

This first one comes from Russell, who writes, " I still say: A Zen master Cat mad at a fellow house cat, for crapping in his carefully groomed 'Rock garden' which is also the community catbox. Yep, and also a butt..."

He says, "I still say..." because he had previously suggested this previously as an idea for a Daily Doodle.  Well, Russ your wish has come true...sort of. It's not a Daily Doodle but I did draw it and post it on the internet.

Next up, is another suggestion by Kurt who previously requested that I draw him.  Kurt writes, " i was also thinking you could draw a western scene with some banditos with their guns aimed, yelling 'DRAW!and an artist cowering, saying 'please, not the face" 

I am aware that a Bandito is usually a mexican bandit but I liked the imagery of  the cowboy bandits for this.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sketch Suggestions 3

Welcome to part three of Sketch Suggestions. You, my loyal fans, have given me your suggestions on what you would like me to draw and I have drawn them. 

Today's sketch comes from Vanessa, who asked me to draw Godzilla in a bikini.  So I did and he looks to be having a wonderful day at the beach!