Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sketch Suggestions 4

Well, here we are again, with more sketches suggested by the fine folks over on my Facebook page.

This first one comes from Russell, who writes, " I still say: A Zen master Cat mad at a fellow house cat, for crapping in his carefully groomed 'Rock garden' which is also the community catbox. Yep, and also a butt..."

He says, "I still say..." because he had previously suggested this previously as an idea for a Daily Doodle.  Well, Russ your wish has come true...sort of. It's not a Daily Doodle but I did draw it and post it on the internet.

Next up, is another suggestion by Kurt who previously requested that I draw him.  Kurt writes, " i was also thinking you could draw a western scene with some banditos with their guns aimed, yelling 'DRAW!and an artist cowering, saying 'please, not the face" 

I am aware that a Bandito is usually a mexican bandit but I liked the imagery of  the cowboy bandits for this.

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