Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sketch Of The Week: Lummox

I guess this guy looks more like a brute than a lummox. Oh well he's already been branded with the lummox "L" so it's too late.

This is just a quick little sketch I did one day to test if I was learning anything. I've been trying real hard for the past couple of years to move my artwork away from the trendy flat cartoon drawing. I have more of an appreciation for really cartoony stuff that doesn't completely neglect practical 3d shapes. You can do so much more with a character that has a 3 dimensional form, like effortlessly drawing their head in any position.

In retrospect this sketch probably isn't the best example of what I've learned but it definitely shows improvement in my understanding of three dimensional forms. Just check out some of my old Disappointmentville comics and see for yourself.

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