Monday, May 16, 2011

T-shirt Gauntlet

Next to drawing comics, designing T-shirts is my favorite art related thing to do. So, recently in an attempt to make a little bit of passive income I created some original designs to sell on So far I haven't made any money. Maybe it will pick up after my inventory increases. Or maybe Zazzle is not all it's cracked up to be.

These are some of the latest designs I've created. You can Check out all of my designs by going to

You might remember seeing an LOL illustration similar to this on one of my Sketch of The Week posts. I decided that I wanted to use my OMG and LOL images for T-shirts but the LOL needed some improvement. So I redrew it and gave it a more limited color pallet. Get it here!

I did a few variations for this Fat Pride design. The king style for light and dark T-shirts and the chef version for an apron.

This design was inspired by a Sketch I did featuring a parody of the popular Hang In There motivational poster. Be the talk of the town and get your self a shirt or a mug!