Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Stock Illustrations

Here are a few new illustrations by yours truly, that are available for download on Istockphoto.

Yeah, I make stock illustrations. You want to fight about it?!

I know there are a handful of illustrators out there that aren't too happy with the microstock business. They feel like it prevents them from getting commissions because clients have the option to download stock for much cheaper. I disagree. The truth is, someone willing to purchase your royalty free illustration at a low cost probably isn't going to want to commission you for an original piece anyway. In fact if there wasn't any stock-illustrations to choose from they would probably just download a stock-photo.

Interestingly enough, I've actually had a client find my work through Istock and commission me for an illustration job. They were completely willing to pay my normal rates and they've been a repeat customer too.

So why not take advantage of this changing market, get illustration out into the public view and make some extra cash on the side?

For the last year and a half I've been making around $30 bucks a month on Istock. It's not much but It's surprisingly consistent. That's why recently I've decided to shift my focus a bit and work on stock illustrations when not doing freelance work. I'm hoping that I can make this a good chunk of my income so that when I finally quite my day job, I'll be able to survive the slow months as a freelancer. The trick is coming up with the right themes and subject matter to illustrate in order to attract those potential downloads.

You can go check out some of my other stock illustrations RIGHT HERE.

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