Saturday, October 8, 2011

Superhero Penguin

A couple weeks ago I posted a rockstar penguin character that I designed for Red Dawn Party.   Several months after designing that character for them they returned requesting a superhero penguin character.  They basically wanted the same penguin but dressed like a retro superhero.

The costume didn't change too much from my initial sketches.   I wanted to keep it pretty basic so as not to stray away from that retro superhero look.

I did multiple mask sketches.  There were a lot of directions we could go with it. It was eventually decided that the mask would be in the shape of a "W" to go along with the product it would represent, The Wownie, a relaxation brownie.

After  working out the details on the costume I did multiple sketches for possible poses to illustrate him in.  They decided to go with the classic superhero stance with a flowing cape.  In the final illustration I brought the cape down a bit and added some raster dots to tie it into the comic style graphic design on the product packaging.

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