Friday, February 10, 2012

Casino Girl

This young lady is an employee of the local Indian casino. I was attempting to sketch her from memory but failed.  I didn't quite capture her likeness nor did I get her nonchalant, relaxed expression quite right. Whenever I'm at the casino I see her strolling along and find her to be rather interesting.  She is rather attractive and appears to take a lot of care in maintaing that attractiveness. Her hair and make up is always done to the extreme. She looks more like somebody on a TV show rather than a change person at the casino.

Some other things I failed to remember were the bagginess of her work shirt and the change pouch that she wears like a fanny pack. Perhaps I will try again later. Or maybe I'll just go into the casino and ask her to stand still while I sketch her. That doesn't seem too weird or anything.

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