Friday, March 16, 2012

A Sign From A Wise Man

The other day, my pal Dylan sent me a link to a video featuring Ice T.  Ice was talking about the term "Fuck It!" and how saying it can empower you and force you to push yourself to take risks. While viewing the video I noticed an ad, in the corner, for Istockphoto. Featured on the ad was one of my illustrations!  This blew my mind right out of my eyeballs.

Now, I know that the advertisement is probably reading my browser history and is just showing me images I've viewed before, (one of which is my own), but that's beside the point!  The ad coupled with the words of  the great wise man, Ice T, has got to be a sign.  It's a sign that I should just say, "Fuck it!" and start doing more stock illustrations already. This is the righteous path as prophesied by Ice T.  And that's precisely what I plan on doing!

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