Friday, March 30, 2012

Real People Cartoons

Real people inspire me a lot. Working at a grocery store means seeing a lot of interesting characters, regularly. So, I like to draw them.  It's good practice too. I often get freelance jobs that require me to caricature somebody or draw a cartoon version of them.  Doing sketches like this keeps me limber. It teaches me to be observant of people's defining features and how to properly exaggerate them.

I see this guy a lot. He's sort of a very sad man with a seemingly happy attitude. I'm sure his mind is going too. He rides around on the electric cart and wears his dead wife's clothes.  He also has this little dog that he  has spoiled so much that the dog is horribly obese.  The dog is almost literally a round ball of fur.

I draw my friends a lot. So much so that it's down right creepy.  I see my friends a lot though and I get a good sense of their features and mannerisms. So it's fun to try and interpret them from memory. This is a very exaggerated sketch of my pal Nick. I'm sure if he sees this he will not be happy but I think it's funny and I wanted to share it.  Sorry Nick.  I've drawn Nick a lot, anyway.  I've done some cartoon-Nick-characters for him before for his cooking websites that were a little less offensive. Here's a more stylized one that I did for his cake business a couple years ago.

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