Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dylan's Website header

Some time ago, I designed a couple of website headers for my friend Dylan.  One was for his review blog Dylan Reviews Everything and the other was going to be for another non review related blog Dylan's Discourse.  Eventually, Dylan decided that Dylan's Discourse wasn't really necessary because whatever he had to say about anything could just be considered a review and therefor fit within the theme of Dylan Reviews Everything.  So after some discussion with me, it was decided that his main website would serve as a portfolio of his work for potential clients for his freelance business.

I didn't really have any plans of doing another website header for him but I still like to brainstorm different design ideas.  When this idea came to me, I decided to put it together because it barely took anytime at all. It's mainly just a Photoshop filter, a picture of crinkled paper and some text.

The idea was inspired by the opening to the old Nickelodeon show You Can't Do That On Television as well as the old Bubble Tape ads from my child hood. I always really liked that photocopied paper cut out look and thought it would be fitting for a writer's website.

See it on Dylan's website.


  1. Very nice. :) I might have you do one for me as well, not liking my choices for Wordpress themes and a custom header might be my best bet to incorporate my really cool cartoon. :)

    1. I'd be happy to do it! A custom website header and background image can do wonders for a generic looking wordpress theme.

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