Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eustace Consulting

This past month I was hired by Eustace Consulting to produce a series of cartoon illustrations of each of their team members.


They wanted me to do some more detailed rendering on each character. Usually, my coloring work is flatter than this. It was a bit different for me but I was confident that I could produce the results that that they were looking for.

 I had done illustrations with more detailed rendering and gradients before but it was usually in Photoshop using various blending options and brushes.  You can do the same sort of things in Adobe Illustrator but it's a bit more challenging because each color or gradient is a separate vector shape.  It's a lot different than Photoshop in that respect.

Most of the challenge comes from trying to make the gradients blend together in a seamless fashion.  In Photoshop you can can use gradients that fade from a foreground color to transparent. There's ways to do that in Illustrator and I have used them before but I like to avoid it as much as possible just in case the client or their graphic designer is using software that can't render the transparent layers properly.

I think I might look into using transparencies and blending options some more. It would make the process simpler and we're getting to the point with technology and software that it might not be an issue  anymore.


By the time I got to Illustrating Ari I really had the process figured out and a lot less time was spent experimenting with the gradients to see what worked.

You can see all the characters together in the header image of the Eustace Consulting Fan Page.

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