Monday, March 19, 2012

Rudolph Color Pages

Here are some never before seen full color pages from part three of my comic Rudolph The Hideous Abomination.  If you've seen it before, you know that the first two parts are in full color but part three and four are only black and white line art. I decided not to do the color for those last parts just because it was going to take way too long to get done.  Coloring is by far the most time consuming step and my schedule, at the time, wouldn't allow for me to get any of it done in a timely fashion.  

 At one point I decided that before I was going to start drawing chapter four I was going to go back and color chapter three. It was just bothering me too much to have only half the comic in color. Then I started getting lots of freelance work, which is always my priority, and I was only able to get these five pages colored before I decided that my time was better spent finishing the last chapter and getting it online.

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