Friday, September 21, 2012

Shrimp Sketches 2

So waaaaaay back in June I posted some sketches that I did for a freelance project, I was doing, in which I was designing a shrimp mascot for a clothing line.  Anyway, I did quite a number of sketches to get the look of the shrimp down.  This is the last three rounds of sketches.
With these five sketches I was attempting to make the shrimp have more of a cooked shrimp shape, based on the request of the client.

 The cooked shrimp idea was the right direction but it needed to be a little more stylized. It needed to be a little simpler too, so that it would work well on clothing.  The client decided that they liked the one with the Popeye style arms but wanted me to work on improving the face a bit.
So, I came up with these final five designs and both myself and the client agreed that #1 was the best.

Next time I will post the final Illustration of the Jumbo Shrimp.

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