Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Art on Tumblr

So, I've had a Tumblr now for a while. I've been trying to keep it updated as often as possible. I'm basically using it to post just about every piece of art that I've done, unless I deem it to be no good. It's mostly full of sketches though. I don't think I'll be using it in place of this blog but Tumblr seems to work better for those quick daily posts, which means that I probably won't be posting that stuff here anymore. I will, however reserve this blog for the longer more detailed posts. It seems more suited for that. Who knows, though? I might change my mind on that later on down the road. It's hard to decide which platforms and social networks to use for what thing, considering that there are so many. I do know that I'm really loving Tumblr and will continue to add artwork daily. So please come check it out and follow me! http://jeffmorin.tumblr.com/ If you are an artist, yourself I might just follow you back. I love all the great art that people are posting.

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