Friday, January 7, 2011

Shy Guy

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Here it is everyone, a screen-shot of Shy Guy from the upcoming live action Super Mario Bros. Movie. Nah! I'm just messin' with ya. I made this in Photoshop. I kind of have this obsession with the idea of Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom being interpreted realistically. As does the rest of the internet I assume, based on the various realistic paintings and illustrations of the famous plumbers.

Shy Guy in his cartoony video game form is not much less creepy

I've actually been working hard on another photo manipulation featuring Mario and Luigi which I hope to post within the week. Before I started on the Mario and Luigi one, I had the idea to do one of Shy Guy. I figured it would be relatively easy to find the photo components online, and it was. It was also sort of a good way for me to warm up my Photoshop skills in preparation for Mario and Luigi.

I guess inspiration hit me when I remembered seeing that creepy mask in the Franklyn movie trailer and realizing that it looked a bit like the Shy Guy mask. From their it was only a matter of finding a photo of somebody wearing a hooded robe which would be an easy task considering the popularity of Star Wars. Sure enough I found a photo of an emperor palatine costume that just so happened to be red. I envisioned the image with Shy Guy lurking around a creepy forest, so I found the perfect picture brought to you by Five-G on deviant art.

So there you have it, folks. A realistic, creepy looking Shy Guy. Stay tuned for more Mario madness.

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