Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sketch Of The Week: YellowJackets

When I was a wee lad, In the fifth grade, I created a superhero that I called The Yellowjacket. Yellowjacket was pretty much a copy of Batman with a little elements of Spider-Man thrown into the mix. I drew quite a number of Yellowjacket comics all the way up until my Sophomore year of High school; each issue full of highly derivative characters and stories.

Despite the fact That Yellowjacket wasn't very original, I still hold the character near and dear to my heart. For fun, I like to imagine that the character has still been having comic book adventures all these years and I'll re-imagine his look and status quo.

The first Yellowjacket in this sketch, ( going from left to right) is actually the second version. I imagined that he had become obsessed with fighting crime and it destroyed his normal life. He became homeless and lived in a clock tower in the city. Of course he had no money to repair his costume when it got damaged so it became a shredded up mess.

Number two was the original. This is the one that was featured in all those comics I drew. When I first designed him back in fifth grade, I remember showing him to my friends and they made fun of the fact that Yellowjacket's bee shaped belt buckle looked like a penis.

The third was more of a daredevil style character. It was after his homeless phase. He sported a modified costume without a cape.

Number four is a concept I came up with a couple years ago. For Fun, I actually drew a sloppy comic that took place after the last one I drew in high school. The comic was kind of a parody of the old ones and was quite comical. In the comic a scientist gives Yellowjacket a Yellow Jacket ( it's more of a wind breaker really) which gives him the ability to fly.

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