Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sketch Of The Week: Nice Is Nice

Happy new year everyone!

Around spring, summer, and fall here in the County of Lake there's a ton of street festivals in all the small towns. Vendors from all around come to rent spaces and sell there wares made in the orient. This year I'd like to be one of these street vendors and peddle some T-shirts adorned with my own designs. Along with some existing designs, I'd like to create and sell some new ones based around the surrounding towns. This concept sketch is based on my home town of Nice (pronounced "Niece"). Nice is stationed on the shores of Clear Lake where there is an indigenous population of Heron birds like this. I'd also like to have the shirt say "Nice is nice", with the words reflecting in the lake. So what do you think, If you are a local or somebody who might be visiting, would you buy this shirt?

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