Monday, April 18, 2011

Cartoon Character Designs

Last Year I was commissioned to illustrate and design some characters to be used in a pitch for a possible animated series.

The client wanted the look of the show to be inspired by graffiti and street art. He referenced the art of Justin bua as being a being a big influence as well. (I highly reccommend checking out Justin bua's work.)

I took a look at Bua's work and tried to capture some of the visual elements from his paintings. So, I gave the characters large hands and feet, and tried to capture an element of exaggerated movement and flow in their gestures.

The trick was to not get too detailed with the designs. Bruce Timm's theory with Batman: The Animated Series was to keep the character designs simple and stylized otherwise they would become too difficult to animate. There's probably a bit of a Bruce Timm stylistic influence in these designs as well.

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