Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sketch Of The Week: Coffee Lady

This may look terribly absurd and it is, but I've seen this very image in real life. Working in a grocery store means you encounter a lot of interesting and strange individuals. Working in a grocery store in my home town means they are the majority of grocery store patrons.

One day after work I decided to do a little shopping of my own. I found myself over on the tea and coffee isle perplexed by all the different types of tea. As I stood there trying to make a decision on what flavor of green tea to purchase, I heard a nearby voice.
"Coffee. Coffee.", the voice repeated.
I thought it very strange that somebody would just repeat the word "Coffee." over and over as if it was some sort of statement. Assuming that I was just hearing it out of context, I went back to making my tea selection. Then suddenly the shrill female voice returned,
"Coffee. Coffee!", her voice increasing in volume with each instant of the word.
I still could not imagine why somebody was yelling out "coffee", without even an inkling of a question mark.
"Coffee!! Coffee!!!", the voice came again as if calling for someone named Coffee.
Finally, I just had to turn around to see what was happening. There, dead center in the isle, staring me down was a short heavy set woman, wearing a moo-moo dress and propping herself up with a tiny cane. A look of confident purpose on her face.
"Coffee." She said again, still making no indication whatsoever that she was asking a question.
"A-are you asking where the coffee is?" I stammered, astonished that she had been standing there repeating the word Coffee and not once considering that using a full sentence would be more effective.
"right there..." I faded off as I pointed her in the proper direction. "I'm sorry...I...uh..." I struggled to find words as I was dumbfounded by the situation I had been faced with.
"Don't worry about it, We all have those kind of days." She said as she hobbled by me. I couldn't believe it; she still hadn't realized her mistake. It wasn't that there was anything wrong with me, lady! I usually give answers to actual questions.

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  1. Thats something out of a work related horror movie,i got chills!You gotta sketch out a whole comic,i imagined you ignoring it more and trying super hard to get some decent tea decision making done:right before she started to attack you cane style screaming coffee!!!,then left you battered in fear saying not to worry everyone makes mistakes.The reality is scarier,just getting closer and closer staring at the back of your