Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Several months back, I designed this mascot for Surpass Hosting.

I kept his color scheme pretty basic, keeping him black and white like a real panda and adding a blue tie to go with the site design.  The dark grey one on the right is the first iteration but I wasn't quite happy with it so I did one that was plain black with some lighter contour lines.  I prefer the black one better but I showed both versions to the client just to give them a choice.  They ultimately chose the dark grey one because they felt it matched better with the website.

These are some initial sketches that I did, just coming up with different designs.  They preferred the cuter more classic look of the ones on top.  So from there I did some more sketches working out the body shape and other details.
After we got the look of the bear down, I did some more sketches giving him various accessories. In the end we kept it pretty simple, just giving him a blue bow tie.

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