Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Zazzle Product Review

Many months ago I decided to start selling products on in one of many attempts to make some extra side money with my artwork. Prior to choosing Zazzle I did some research and looked for reviews on many different print on demand websites.  Unfortunately, at the time, there wasn't many reviews for the quality of the products themselves. I mainly wanted to print T-shirts, so it was important to me that the quality of the shirts would compare to screen printed shirts. Out of the very few reviews, Zazzle seemed to get the best for their T-shirt printing.

For many months now I've been uploading and designing T-shirts and other products but I've been a little weary of promoting them since I hadn't actually seen a physically printed item.  So, about a month ago I decided to go ahead and purchase a Coolthulhu T-shirt for myself. And I've got to say it came out pretty good.  The shirt itself is a 100% cotton Haynes tagless tee.  It's pretty thick too which is good because I was a little worried that they would be like flimsy undershirts. I always upload vector files to ensure the image is as crisp and clean as possible and it definitely came out really crisp when printed on the shirt. Overall I'm extremely pleased with the result.
 Here is a picture of the printed T-shirt. It's a little dark and grainy because I took it with a cellphone but you get the idea.

In addition to the Coolthulhu shirt, I ordered a morning Power Up mug.  I think mug print on demand technology has been around for a while. Don't they do that in the mall? Regardless the mug is a pretty standard porcelain number and the image comes out pretty clean with all the right colors.  The image appears to be stained right on the surface of the mug too. There's nothing bumping up as if it was another material stuck to the surface.

Over all, I am pleased with Zazzle and will continue selling products on their site. If you are interested in giving me some of your money, you can order many of my products right here:

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