Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Old Man In The Shower

For today's blog entry I'd like to present you with something a little different. Rather than show you a piece of art I've done, I present you with a little piece of inspiration. Something that will inspire us all. That's right! photos of an old man in the shower!

This old guy can't contain his excitement about showering.
Just the mere Idea of soap and water fills him with unbridled enthusiasm.

The old man squealed with Joy as he fired a hot stream of water on his locks of graying chest hair.

Long ago when I was just a teenager, my parents had purchased a brand new detachable shower head. These were the pictures on the package. I've saved them all these years hoping to one day share this strange wonder with the world. I can only image what was going through the minds of all the people involved in creating the package art to this box. Sure it's understandable that they would want to make their product look enjoyable but come on, It can't be that good! No old guy is ever going to enjoy showering that much. In fact, old guys don't usually like showering at all.

It's actually somewhat of a hobby of mine collecting strange pictures used on packaging and the like. I've got a couple more I think I might have to share in future posts. Until then, enjoy this gift I have blessed you with.

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