Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sports Caricatures

For the past year I've been doing a lot of work for They're a free sports betting/social gaming site where users can compete against each other and win virtual trophies. I was originally commissioned to do some promotional comic strips. Shortly thereafter, they launched a service in the Win The Trophy store that allowed users to purchase a custom avatar illustrated by Me. To help promote this service I was tasked with doing caricatures of three famous sports stars. Can you tell who they are?

If you guessed Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan and Tiger woods then you, sir or madam, are correct.

Mike Tyson was the easiest to turn into a cartoon character because he's already one in real life. Michael Jordan was a bit tougher but I think he turned out pretty decent in the end. Tiger Woods turned out to be the worst of the bunch, in my opinion. He kind of looks like a rejected Filmation character from the 80's.

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