Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sketch of the Week: When It All Goes Wrong

This piece of penciled artwork was originally supposed to be turned into a vector illustration based on the classic shoulder-angel-and-demon concept. Maybe it was poor planning on my part, but everything in this piece went horribly wrong. The original concept was for the characters to be very cartoony like my usual style. Considering that the illustration was very close up I decided to make it more detailed than usual. Unfortunately, the added detail of the main character and his realistic proportions made it so he was more of a cross between cartoony and a more realistic comic book style. Because of the guys awful design the angel and demon came out just as awful because they were supposed to resemble him. On top of that, My attempt to make it look as if they are standing on his shoulders failed miserably and instead they look like they were just place over the top of the image of the guy. Then there's the dudes expression, I'm not sure how this happened, but he's supposed to look like he's making a decision but it just looks like he doesn't really care about anything.

After completing this sketch I scrapped it as a potential illustration. Eventually I'll be taking this concept back to the drawing board for a second try. I'm confident I'll be able to pull it off the second time around, just as long as I don't forget the mistakes I made here.

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