Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sketch Of The Week: Chef Gerard Hock Pierre

This is the prototype for a brand new character that I've created. He's gourmet chef Gerard Hock Pierre! He's known around the world for his gourmet french cuisine. He enjoys the flavor of coffee and cigarettes and uses them in his cooking as often as possible. When he smokes a cigarette he has the amazing ability to keep the ashes from falling off until he is completely done smoking it. Only somebody as gifted and purely French as Chef Hock Pierre can preform such a feat.

The Chef has quite an interesting origin. He hails from another planet in a far off galaxy. Everything about his home planet is exactly like France and therefore it's known as France Planet. When he was a baby his parents sent him off in a rocket toward earth to save him from the destruction of France Planet.

I would like very much to do some comics with this character. Unfortunatley I don't have a lot of time to draw comics right now. Plus I have a whole library of characters I want to draw comics of. Perhaps I'll explore and refine this character a little more with some illustrations until I have the opportunity to do some comics.

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