Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sketch Of The Week: Old Man

Back when I was still doing Disappointmentville USA I did a comic called, Worst Fear which featured the future version of the Jeff character (based on myself) and Billy his younger coworker. For whatever reason I loved these characters more than any other character that Dylan and I had created for the comic. So, soon after Worst Fear I did three more comics featuring Old Man Jeff and Billy.

Eventually, Dylan and I decided to end Disappointmentville but I still had the need to do more with the Old Man Jeff and Billy characters. This led to the birth of a new idea, Old Man Jeff and Billy: Buddy Cops. I would take the duo out of the Disappointmentville universe and place them into a new one where they were partners working on the police force. I wrote several pages for this comic, in my usual way of writing. (extremely rough thumbnail sketches of each page with dialog written on it.) but this idea got filed away as began working on other projects.

Recently, while cleaning out the drawers of my drawing table I rediscovered the Buddy Cops idea. I found that I still very much like the idea and a lot of it was pretty funny, or at least I think so. The only issue was that I really have no interest in doing characters directly based on myself and my friends anymore. I'd rather create new characters inspired by life but not based on anyone directly. So I decided that if I make this into a comic I would re-work Old Man Jeff into Old-Man-Somebody-Else which isn't really all that challenging. I'm sure the characters need updating anyway as I've evolved my style somewhat. And so, this sketch is a prototype of the new Old Man character.

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